The decision to remodel, renovate or build a new home is an emotional one. Aside from the financial commitment, the search for quality help in the process can be very stressful. Ultimately, the goal for most people is value. That's where the design build process leaps ahead of the rest. In the traditional design and construction process the property owner will seek the assistance of an architect or designer to design a project and are then forced into seeking out a contractor to build it. This automatically creates an adversarial relationship between the architect and the contractor. The architect's interest is to give the consumer the best design possible regardless of the cost while the contractor's interest is to build it the cheapest way possible without regard to the vision- often with property owner stuck in the middle paying for their differences. At EPIC design build Inc., design and construction are unified, creating a balance between protecting the home owner's dream as well as their budget. At EPIC a team is created including the architect, the contractor, and the home owner. This team then has the power to decide what to build, how to build it, and very importantly- what it will cost

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EPIC Design Build Inc. 1232 Monte Vista Ave #4 Upland Ca. 91786 909.608.0597

EPIC Design Build Inc is the Inland Empire's Premier design build company. Located on the boundry between Upland and Claremont, EPIC Design Build is an entirely integrated residential Architecture and Construction company in Southern California. We specialize in the design and construction of beautiful new custom homes, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, complex renovations, room additions , and unique small scale commercial structures. Epic Design Build Inc. is committed to creating spaces that are stunning yet functional, while promoting energy efficient designs and environmentally friendly buildings that our clients will appreciate for years to come.